Investing in Search Funds, acquiring SMEs

Arada Capital Partners acquires small and medium-sized companies worldwide, localised and managed through Search Funds

We invest in entrepreneurs who want to acquire, grow and sell solid businesses

Arada Capital Partners is a private equity company specialized in investing and advising Search Funds and similar vehicles

Through Search Funds, Arada Capital Partners takes minority but significant stakes in small and medium-sized companies. Solid, profitable companies with a history of growth, in order to implement a strategic plan and seek a departure after a few years

Arada Capital Partners in addition to investing, actively supports Search Funds in the search for companies, during the adquisition process, in the creation of value once acquired and in the exit

Arada Capital Partners has a top-level multidisciplinary team with extensive experience that will provide great help to Search Funds and their affiliates


Each Search Fund in which we invest analyzes an average of 3000 companies in different countries, sectors and industries


We value the potential acquisitions presented and support Search Funds during the purchase process


Monitoring and advice on the management of the acquired company through a multidisciplinary team in order to maximize its growth


Close and fluid relationship with both Private Equities and Family Offices, providing very interesting exits opportunities for our investees

Search Fund ecosystem:
high growth, favourable environment

Arada Capital Partners offers its investors access to the best deal flow of Search Funds through a very good positioning in the ecosystem and a fluid relationship with historical, present and future Search Funds

The Search Fund ecosystem, which began in the United States approximately 35 years ago, is currently showing great acceptance in the rest of the world, which translates into greater professionalization and a growth in the number of investment opportunities

The search carried out by the Search Funds is limited and specialized by geographies, allowing Arada Capital Partners to have access to an international deal flow and obtain extensive experience from which the Search Funds can benefit

Access to an alternative asset class offering high returns

Arada Capital Partners offers its investors access to a very profitable and innovative investment vehicles in Europe: Search Funds

The Search Fund model aligns 100% the interests of Arada Capital Partners with those of the Search Fund

Search Fund returns are superior to other alternative investments, which translates into high returns for Search Funds and Arada Capital Partners investors

We invest in sustainable companies that generate a positive impact on society

Impact on society
Encouraging business activity and the creation of jobs in rural areas with less economic activity

Resource efficiency
Companies that minimize the use of natural resources with respect to their sector, that can switch to renewable or circular economy

Pollution control
Companies that reduce the negative effect of human activity on the quality of water, air, ecosystems or health

Different alternative to traditional divestment solutions

Combining the traditional Private Equity model with some aspects of the world of entrepreneurship, an innovative collaborative model of “entrepreneurial acquisitions” has been created capable of generating superior returns for investors and entrepreneurs

The Search Funds seek to give continuity to the fundamental pillars of the success of the acquired company, building on the founder’s legacy with the help and advice of its investors to materialize the next phase of growth

The Search Fund model aligns 100% the interests of investors such as Arada Capital Partners with those of the Search Fund and in turn with the seller of the acquired company