Arada Capital Partners
offers investors access to an alternative asset class that has historically generated high returns



by sector

We invest in Search Funds

Arada Capital is made up of an experienced team very well positioned in the Search Fund ecosystem. The advisory team is made up of historical Search Funds, entrepreneurs and family offices that provide great added value to the Search Funds in which Arada Capital invests

We allow our investors to participate additionally in the companies when the searchers have an equity gap ‘, generating an interesting deal flow for family offices with investment opportunities that have been previously validated by Arada Capital and providing the Search Funds with greater guarantees towards the financing of the acquisition

North America




The Search Fund’s returns have historically been superior to other alternative investments.

Arada Capital maintains a fluid relationship with both Private Equities and Family Offices, providing very interesting exit opportunities for its investees and a very interesting deal flow for professional investors

Superior returns for investors:
high returns with great diversification

Active search for small and medium-sized companies.

Combination of an intelligent, highly prepared, humble and ambitious entrepreneur with experienced investors

Very active board of directors

Target companies and industries with very specific characteristics and a long track record that allows not only to ensure its viability, but also to assess and study it with historical data

AradaCapital initial valuation matrix:
analysis of investment opportunities

Arada Capital analyzes each of the potential acquisitions individually following a common valuation process according to their financial interest, industry / sector and company

(1) Analysis of all associated risks (impact, environment, regulatory, legal, technological, etc). (2) The sum of the top 5 players <35% of the industry. (3) [EBITDA CAPEX] / EBITDA. (4) Analysis of specific complex situations (eg financial crisis or COVID crisis)