Agripina Capital

Search Fund

Agripina Capital is a Search Fund based in Malaga (southern Spain) whose purpose is to locate, manage, and grow a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) in Spain over the long term.

Victor Ruz is the founder of Agripina Capital, a company whose goal is to find a good business whose owners are looking to sell due to succession or other factors. Once the acquisition is completed, Victor focuses on the daily management of the business and on expanding it over the long term, thereby creating sustainable value over time. In this process, Victor and the investors bring their experience and knowledge to grow the acquired company and ensure its ongoing success.

Victor Ruz is a former McLaren F1 engineer, an Executive MBA graduate from the London Business School. He has lived in Malaga, San Francisco, London, and Dubai, working for companies such as McDonald’s, Repsol, and the Tour de France.