AZELER is a Spanish firm founded in 1994, provider and developer of a subscription-based SaaS ERP and marketplace platform for the automotive aftermarket (

  • Clients: Scrapyards and spare parts distributors.
  • Revenue model: Subscription and revenue sharing (49% of 2022 revenues).
  • Market and positioning: Market leader in Spain with a global target market of ~€2.5B in recovered parts and 35% annual growth.
  • Growth and performance: +35% CAGR since 2018, >50% EBITDA.

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At the vanguard of the reused auto parts sector, Azeler carves out a dominant position within a niche market primed for continued expansion.

Azeler’s strong brand identity and unique value proposition give it a significant edge in its growth trajectory. As part of the Arada Capital Partners portfolio, we are already working alongside the company’s new management to consolidate its market leadership and maximize its potential and growth.