LIBNOVA is a pioneering Spanish company founded in 2009, specializing in supporting organizations to protect their digital content. While initially focusing on digitization, it has evolved into a leader in digital preservation, accumulating extensive expertise and offering cutting-edge software solutions in this field. Digital preservation refers to the proactive and systematic approach of safeguarding digital content, ensuring its accessibility, usability, and authenticity over time. This involves the use of technologies, strategies, and best practices to protect digital information from technological obsolescence, data corruption, and digital decay.

The company operates in 17 countries, with 80% of its 2022 revenues coming from outside of Spain, particularly from the rest of Europe and the United States. LIBNOVA boasts a diverse customer base of over 70 clients, with a strong presence in the public sector, especially in areas like cultural heritage, academia, and research. Notable clients include the National Library of Spain, the British Library, the University of Oxford, and Stanford Business School.

With a history of innovation and dedication to digital preservation, LIBNOVA holds a prominent position as the second-largest global player in a rapidly growing market. The experience, expertise, and personality of the new CEO, Jacobo Vera, combined with the promising potential for future growth, make it a compelling investment opportunity for our portfolio.