L&R Partners

Search Fund

L&R Partners goal is to acquire one high quality UK business with the vision to nurture and expand it with the integrity it was originally built upon.

The Search Fund was founded by Oliver Rodwell and Priyendan Logeswaran. Both entrepreneur has previously worked together by co-founding a technology company in the UK. Their business experience covers a wide breadth of industries including healthcare, technology, distribution and engineering.

L&R Partners is backed up by a team of world class CEO’s, entrepreneurs and seasoned investors like Arada Capital Partners.



Oliver is an experienced entrepreneur and manager, he has built and developed two businesses. He has an MSc in Entrepreneurship and a BSc in International Relations and Politics. He strongly believes he found his vocation with his first company, working “hands-on” among his team to deliver value to clients and motivate employees to reach a higher level of operational efficiency.

Priyendan is an experienced entrepreneur and venture builder. He has already acquired and consolidated several companies and built multiple new revenue streams for previous SMEs. He has a MSc Entrepreneurship and MEng in Civil Engineering. Having grown up with a family of entrepreneurs he has always maintained a deep-rooted desire to become one himself and believes that an acquisition route is strongly aligned to his passions, experiences and career aspirations.