Relevia Succession Partners

Search Fund

Relevia Succession Partners is an entrepreneurial investment firm that aims to find, manage and grow a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) in France.

Relevias’s principal, Thomas Dreyfus, devotes 100% of his time and effort to a methodical search to acquire a business with a history of profitability and growth, which for succession or other reasons, its owners want to sell. Once the acquisition is completed, Thomas will assume responsibility for running the business on a daily basis, with the goal of expanding the acquired company and generating value over the long-term.

With a solid academic background (EDHEC Business School in France, Madrid Autonomous University in Spain, INSEAD in Singapore and in France and ESMT in Germany), Thomas has worked for 3 French companies and in particular for 2 SMEs that have been growing through ambitious strategies in niche markets. Thomas has had a specific interest for the SME world since 2009 and is convinced that most of French SME’s have an underlying and non-activated potential for growth when compared to similar companies in other geographies.

In the 3 companies Thomas has worked in, the M&A strategies and integration challenges were the basis for value creation as well as resilience tests for the future of the entities. Thomas unique experience in growing SMEs is a key part of Thomas strength to develop further target companies.