Ulam Transmission

Search Fund

Ulam Transmission is a Search Fund founded with the objective to locate, acquire, and grow an SME in France.

Dimitri Novikov, the founder of Ulam Transmission, will be responsible for the search, acquisition, and subsequent day-to-day management of the acquired SME. His investors, including Arada Capital Partners, advise him in all phases of the Search Fund: search, selection, acquisition, and management.

Dimitri has more than 10 years of professional experience. He worked first within the nuclear energy sector (e.g. Areva) and then, starting from 2017, within the chemical sector (i.e. Solvay). In particular, Dimitri has more than 7 years of management experience both in corporate environment (i.e. Corporate Internal Audit) and in operations at the La Hague spent nuclear fuel reprocessing plant.

In parallel, starting from 2019, Dmitri has been involved in the entrepreneurial journey with the GlobalMorhoPharma startup in the field of nuclear medicine (Growth Strategy, Business Model enhancement, Fundraising strategy, etc.)

Dimitri was born in Russia and moved to France as a teenager at the age of 14. He holds in particular an MSc from the University of Bristol (U.K. 2009) and an MBA from INSEAD (2021).